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Our Programs

Personal Training

A personalized fitness training plan catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

Buddy (Duo) Personal Training

Two-on-one. A cost effective personalized fitness training plan for 2 people, catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

Corrective Exercise Personal Training

Safe and effective functional training designed upon your level of fitness and health to improve postural and movement dysfunction and help you move pain free.

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8 Week Nutrition Program

Science based blood sugar stabilization program, will provide real solutions to take your health and body to the next level.

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8 Week Nutrition Program For 2

Two-on-one. A cost effective personalized fitness training plan for 2 people, catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

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8 Week Weight Loss Challenge For 4+

Group education on blood sugar stabilization, along with support and accountability.

Nutrition Consultation

Learn how food choices affect your health,energy, performance and how to use food to create internal balance.

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Small Group Barefoot Training

A cost effective personalized barefoot small group training for up to 6 people, catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

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Corporate Wellness

Let our team help build yours. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Imagine a workplace with less stress and happier employees. Imagine a work environment that produces more in less time. Engaging employees into wellness will improve morale, productivity and loyalty while decreasing absenteeism and health care costs. Learn how we can work together to optimize your company's full potential.

-Company Nutrition Challenge
-Small Group Wellness Lunch & Learn Workshops
-Small Group Express Workouts

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Coach Lilia

My Bio: Adventure Core Nutrition and Fitness was founded on a passion for health and a desire to empower the members of our community to take control of their health with a sense of adventure and discovery.

My specialties include corrective exercise, functional training, barefoot training, behavior change and nutrition, and the relationships I've formed with my clients are the backbone of my business. I make each client’s goals my goals, and I ensure their comfort level, familiarity, and safety with every aspect of my training regimen. In addition to Personal Training, my group training classes offer a unique experience for those seeking the guidance, structure, and the personal attention that makes one-on-one training so valuable, all within the framework of a group class.

Nutrition: As someone who has struggled with being overweight and ineffective dieting in the past, I understand the difficulties people often face when trying to loose or maintain their weight. AdventureCore Nutrition and Fitness was founded in order to help my clients to fit nutrition into their busy lifestyle through providing real solutions to take their bodies and health to the next level.

Fitness: My program enables you to achieve your fitness goals through individual instruction and ongoing evaluation. I combine strength training with functional fitness to enhance individual performance. I also specialize in corrective exercise, so if you're coming out of physical therapy, I can also help you make the transition back to your regular activity.

The group training classes I offer are aimed at building the best structural foundation for your body to prevent pain and push you to your pinnacle. These incorporate functional fitness exercises that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or while playing sports. And the class routines change daily, so you'll never have to sweat through the same workout twice.

Within the last year I've also completed the Barefoot Training Specialist program in order to diversify my skills as a trainer and bring awareness of movement efficiency, neuromuscular conditioning, facial fitness, and barefoot science to my clients.

Why me?: I use an evidence based approach with all of my training and programming. Because my personal philosophy is to never stop learning, I attend as many seminars, conferences and fitness workshops as possible. I also have a Masters degree in education, a Bachelors in Psychology, and over a decade of experience as a registered nurse. These credentials allow me to be a dedicated, multidimensional and distinct personal trainer.

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  • Wow, Lilia is an absolute delight! She is encouraging and super understanding! She has been where we are so she understands the struggle of weight loss!
  • -Keisha O.
  • I enjoy the insight and knowledge that my trainer brings to the table. She is observant and conveys corrective actions in clearly outlined practices.
  • -Clifton S.
  • Lilia is so wonderful! She is such an inspirational motivator! She is so knowledgeable and shares her knowledge throughout every step. I have learned so much from her and I am seeing results! She truly has a gift and I am so happy I met her! Whatever your goals are Lilia can help you achieve them!
  • -Maggie K.