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Your own personal nutrition coach
Your own personal trainer
Your own corrective exercise coach
Group, Small Group, or One on One Sessions
Adventure Based Exercise - Mountain Hiking
Bootcamps - Light or Heavy Strain
Train at the Gym, at Your Place, at The Park, etc.

Our Programs

8 Week Nutrition Program


Science based blood sugar stabilization program, will provide real solutions to take your health and body to the next level.

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8 Week Nutrition Program For 2

$250 Per Person

Science based blood sugar stabilization program, will provide real solutions to take your health and body to the next level.

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8 Week Weight Loss Challenge For 4+

$160 Per Person

Group education on blood sugar stabilization, along with support and accountability.

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Personal Training

$55 Per Hour

A personalized fitness training plan catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

Buddy (Duo) Personal Training

$30 Per Person Per Session

Two-on-one. A cost effective personalized fitness training plan for 2 people, catered to your needs, goals, lifestyle and level of fitness.

Outdoor Fitness Training

$15 Per Person / Drop In Session

$130 Per Person for 10 Sessions. We offer: ladies small group personal training, adventure into barre, boot camp.x

Corrective Exercise Personal Training

$60 Per Hour

Safe and effective functional training designed upon your level of fitness and health to improve postural and movement disfunction and help you move pain free.

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Nutrition Consultation

$65 Per Hour

Learn how food choices affect your health,energy, performance and how to use food to create internal balance.

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Corporate Wellness

Let our team help build yours. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Imagine a workplace with less stress and happier employees. Imagine a work environment that produces more in less time. Engaging employees into wellness will improve morale, productivity and loyalty while decreasing absenteeism and health care costs. Learn how we can work together to optimize your company's full potential.

-Company Nutrition Challenge
-Small Group Wellness Lunch & Learn Workshops
-Small Group Express Workouts

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Coach Lilia

Lilia Anteau is a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Coach, Educator and Speaker who has trained everybody from Soccer moms to Triathletes to Corporations. Lilia has been helping people lose weight, melt their fat, and win their personal health and fitness battles for over 11 years. Her experience in the medical field has given her experience in various issues such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Challenges, etc. Lilia teaches people to use food and exercise—not only to lose weight– but to create internal balance.

My Personal Journey. My path to nutrition started when I was an overweight teenager. My schoolmates all made comments that affected my self-esteem. I did what many teenagers do when faced with being overweight. I starved myself, exercised improperly and ended up requiring medical help. All the weight I lost dieting I gained back, plus much more. I have experienced moments of being overweight and underweight and neither made me happy.

My career started as an educator and psychologist. During this period I learned to never give up on your dream. I also learned to evolve and to never stop learning. The topic of health always interested me so I became a registered nurse. My career as an R.N. was bittersweet. The happiness that I received by helping people was being overshadowed by the sadness I felt knowing that most of these people's health issues were preventable. What finally hit home was my husband's heart attack on Dec. 7th, 2005. That day opened my eyes to realize that we were not doing this right. Nobody in their 30's should be having heart attacks.

I found some great natural products that allowed my husband to get off of all of his medications. I have continued my studies in nutrition and eventually stumbled upon Mark McDonald and the Venice Nutrition program. His research not only complimented my beliefs, they also opened my eyes to a whole new world of better health through nutrition. After reading his books and attending his seminars; I decided to dedicate my studies to the Venice Nutrition program and became certified as a Nutrition Coach. This program not only focuses on nutrition, but exercise. Because of this, I earned a certification in Personal Training through NASM. After that I earned a certification in Corrective Exercise through NASM. With this combined knowledge, I am able to offer a full package of nutrition and exercise.

Helping people improve the quality of their lives through better nutrition and exercise gives my life a renewed sense of purpose.

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